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On December 25th, 1989, an article ran in the Indianapolis Star to see if there was any interest in forming a new baseball league for men 30-years old and older. The article was written by Dave Garlick, a sportswriter for the Star, at the request of Steve Baertschi, who was interested in starting up a league.
From this one article, Steve received more than 100 calls and a great deal of interest. This interest led to the formation of a 9-team league for adult baseball which would be known as the Indianapolis MSBL. Steve became the first president of the Indianapolis MSBL. From it's inception, the Indianapolis MSBL began to grow as word spread throughout the city that the excitement of competitive adult baseball was available in Indianapolis.

Until the 4th season the league had been a strictly 30+ league, having no members under the age of 30. However, in 1993 the league directors realized that there were several players between the ages of 18-30 who were interested in playing as well. Nationally this was also becoming a trend. The new 18-30 age group was to be known as The Men's Adult Baseball League of Indianapolis (MABL).


In 1993 when the MABL first began play it did not have enough teams to support it's own division resulting in the two leagues playing a combined schedule. In 1994 things really began to develop as several new teams entered the MABL division, and the MSBL league grew to over 10 teams, but there was still a combined schedule played between the two divisions. 1995 was the first year that the two divisions split apart and played a completely seperate schedule. Both the MABL and the MSBL were solid enough to stand on their own two feet and play strictly teams within their age group.


During both 1996 and 1997 both leagues flourished and continued to grow as the league attracted new members from all corners of Indianapolis as well as the surrounding cities. Some players were driving over an hour to be a part of the league. Of course there was no shortage of players in the Indianapolis area as the popularity of the league grew to new levels. 1997 also marked the first season for a third league in Indianapolis as the MSBL expanded to offer a 40+ league on week nights. In 1997 the Indianapolis MABL/MSBL had eight games that were played at Victory Field the new home of the Indianapolis Indians. This park has been called by many "The best minor league facility in the country".


In 1998 the league boasted 15 MSBL teams, 10 MABL teams, and 340+league teams. Total league membership was over 425 members and still rising. This season also marked the beginning of an annual newsletter that was professionally published three times a season and mailed directly to all league members to keep them abreast of all league activities. In addition to the Victory field games, three MSBL teams also played a round robin event at the Home field of the Cincinnati Reds, Cinergy Field.


Since 1998 the league has continued to grow in numbers as well as quality of baseball played. We also have had one of our teams win the national World Series in Phoenix Arizona. In 2003 we started a relationship with Riley Children's Hospital. In 2003 our All-Star games were honored by 3 young men who threw out the first pitch at each game. The games were held at Victory Field. In 2003 & 2004 we raised money for Camp Riley. In 2005 15 players held a baseball clinic in full uniform at Camp Riley.


Whatever your talent level, there is a place for you to realize your "dream" in our league. Whether you have a complete team, just an individual that wants to play baseball, or are interested in  finding out more about the league all you have to do is navigate back to the Home Page and CONTACT THE INDIANA BASEBALL LEAGUE.

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