As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, the Executive Board of the IBL is committed to the safety of all league members.


With that in mind, the Executive Board met via video conference on April 26th and unanimously established the following policies and procedures for the 2020 season.  Our intent is to mitigate the risks associated with the current health emergency while at the same time not to materially affect the play of the game. 


We understand that some will feel these policies to be too stringent, while others will feel they aren’t stringent enough.  Therefore we will allow any paid member who is uncomfortable playing under these conditions to opt out of the 2020 season and receive a refund on their fees.


It is absolutely vital that managers consult with every member of their team regarding the following conditions.


HELMETS: Everyone will need to have their own personal helmet.  There is to be no sharing at all. 


BATS: Since most players use batting gloves, bats may be shared.  We recommend sanitary wipes be used for shared bats.  


DUGOUT: The number of players in the dugout will be limited. The current guideline of a 6’ interval will be observed.  All equipment must be in the dugout. Players will be allowed out of the dugout inside the fences.  Players and coaches only will be allowed on the field.  No batboys/girls.  We suggest you bring lawn chairs.


FACE COVERING: Players on the field are well distanced with the exception of holding a runner at first base, and the close proximity of the batter, catcher and umpire at home plate.  While not mandatory, we strongly recommend that batters, catchers and umpires wear a protective cloth face covering/mask.  We suggest the use of gaiter scarves that can be pulled up to cover the mouth and nose and then easily lowered as the situation dictates.


DISTANCING: Players should keep the appropriate 6’ distance at all times, pre-game warm-ups, in the batting cages, dugouts and on the field including mound conferences. This should also be observed for any required post game maintenance.  The traditional postgame meeting of the teams for handshakes will be discontinued.  Standing on the baselines and tipping your cap has been suggested.  We’ll leave it up to the individual teams to find an appropriate way to show respect.


POSITIVE TESTS/QUARANTINE:  We'll follow the same procedures as the workplace.  Anyone who tests positive or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive will not be allowed to attend a game for 2 weeks.  More than one positive test on the same team could result in that team being temporarily removed from the schedule.  This will be determined on a case by case basis. Managers are tasked with closely monitoring their players. The league must be notified immediately of any positive tests.  Failure to notify will result in strong disciplinary action.


WAIVERS: Liability waivers for all league members including non playing coaches will be required.  An e-sign form will be posted on the website. 


An announcement regarding the schedule for all age divisions will be made soon.  We will monitor the situation and make decisions based on the recommendations and actions by state and local authorities as well as central Indiana school districts.


The 2020 season has begun.

35+ and 45+ have started.

18+ and 25+ will open this Sunday, July 12



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